Harvard Business Review's great article on HR Analytics click here for article

Another great article from Harvard Business review Click here for article

Interesting blog about strategic HR Analytics click here for article

Blogger David Green giving his 10 tips to getting started with HR Analytics click here for article

Fantastic HR Analytics Value Pyramid from Inostix

IBM SPSS predictive analytics
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Applying Logical Frameworks to your HR Measurement Strategy
Applying Logical Frameworks to your HR M[...]
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Talent analytics click here for article

click here for article      Interesting article about where you should begin in your HR Analytics journey

click here for article PersonnelToday's suggested key HR metrics for 2016

click here for article IBM's perspective on workforce analytics

click here for article People analytics case study

click here for article Great book review on coaching

Great story on how one company has used Workforce Analytics to link its business strategy with its people strategy! click here for article

An interesting article by Harvard Business Review, discussing why it is important for HR Analytics to be user friendly click here for article

Talent Analytics Corps suggest that organisations can optimise employee performance in traditionally high turnover roles by using Data Analytics click here for article

Great website discussing trends in Workforce Analytics in America click here for article

Really interesting article discussing how HR analytics have been used to improve organisational performance within the healthcare sector. click here for article

This article from the HR Technologist website explores how 'sentiment' analysis can be used to improve employee engagement. click here for article

Great article on how combining latest technologies, effective communication strategies and a 'human touch' can improve employee engagement. click here for article

Data cleaning is a vital stage of any HR Analytics project. This article explores the key reasons why and a 6 step guide to how. click here for article

Lessons in HR Analytics
Interesting article from MIT that looks at the key lessons business is learning from implementing HR Analytics
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Wayne Cascio and John Boudreau suggest that there are four critical components of a measurement system that drives strategic change and organizational effectiveness.  Theses are: logic, analytics, measures, and process - LAMP.

Josh Bersin discusses how data analitics and AI will change how HR executives deliver employee benefits. click here for article

Top 7 HR Analytics Articles in 2017 from Clarity. click here for article

Disruptive technologies such as AI and Big Data are are changing the role of HR Professionals within the organisation. click here for article

HRD article discussing using workforce analytics to drive meaningful discussion within the organisation, leading to better informed decisions. click here for article

Social Enterprse - Deloitte's suggest that organisations are inreasingly being measured against their relationship with their workforce and working environments. click here for article

Workforce analytics - A great link to a list of interesting articles from the Human Resources Management magazine about workforce analytics. click here for article

Great report by Deloitte
HR can use insights to drive customer behavior and engagement
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An interesting paper in the International Journal for HRM that summerises four decades of research on adopting e-HRM within organisations
Electronic HRM four decades of research [...]
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HR Data: Great Power, Great Responsibility from NGA Human Resources
An interesting report that looks at how HR leaders can use data analytics to meet the expectations of their CEO's.
HR Data Great power, great responsibilit[...]
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Managing change white paper from Lane4
A great white paper from Lane4 that explores how insights from neuroscience and psychology can be used by organisations to manage change.
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Civil Service new recruitment framework
The Success Profile Framework moves recruitment away from using a purely competency based system of assessment. It introduces a more flexible The civil service are moving away from competency based recruitment to a framework which assesses candidates against a range of elements using a variety of selection methods.
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Data analytics in the technology landscape - A great tweet from Lillian Pearson with her technology cheatsheet for a bid data landscape. click here for article

CIPD People Analytics
An interesting report from CIPD that looks how HR can utilise People Analytics to drive organisational performance.
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Great report that looks at the skills needed in HR for Data Analytics. click here for article

People Analytics - how can your organisation reach maturity.
This report draws on data from a survey of 259 organizations, across a range of industries, to evaluate what determines market maturity and the value gained from people analytics, as well as establish leading practices.
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Deloitte insights - The rise of the Social Enterprise. click here for article

HR Analytics - Using analytics to improve HR effectiveness.
This white paper looks at how organisations can use business analytics to increase HR effectiveness.
HR Analytics - Increased HR Effectivenes[...]
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This article discusses a People Analytics model that can be used by organisations to gain positive impact from implementing People Analytics. click here for article

Fintec shows how using People Analytics can improve organisational profitability. click here for article

Great blog at AIHR discussing how Data Analytics can be used to build insight to develop evidenced based HR decisions . click here for article

A fantastic repository of HR analytic articles and metrics from AIHR  click here for article

Talent Intelligence
This white paper looks at how organisations can use talent intelligence to increase recruitment effectiveness.
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Key Trends in People Management
This report from The Boston Consulting Group looks at key trends in people management to set up great HR functions.
Creating People Advantage 2014-2015 How [...]
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Digitising HR Documentation
This report looks at how organisations can drive benefit through digitising HR documentation.
EASY HR Whitepaper .pdf
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Relating to the rest of C Suite
QA Group look at the importance of relationship building for Chief Data Officers.
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Employee Experience Trends 2019
An interesting report from People-Insight, looking at key employee experience trends for 2019
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A great article from The HR Technologist that discusses how organisations can use analytics within Learning and Development to make a positive impact on the bottom line. click here for article

Harvard Business Review looks at five important questions organisations should be asking about AI and the impact on jobs. click here for article

HR Technologist defines what HR Analytics is, it's importance and key metrics and information it can measure. click here for article

Workplace diversity
A business case from Mercer discussing how workplace diversity and inclusiveness positively impacts the success of teams and organisations.
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Workforce data - influence on investors
CIPD report looking at how investors are becoming more and more interested in workforce data and culture when making decisions.
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XpertHR - People Analytics Good Practice Guide
This XpertHR “Good practice” guide takes HR professionals through the people analytics process.
xperthr people analytics guide.pdf
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Deloittes 2019 Human Capital Trends report, looking at the future of te workplace, organisations and HR. click here for article

Ethics guidelines for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
An independent report from the European Commission looking at creating ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI.
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60 great ideas for tackling employee engagement in organisations . click here for article

The Surprising Economics of a “People Business”
This Harvard Business Review report looks at how people-driven organisations and business units should be managed and measured differently .
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The benefits employees want the most
Glassdoor looks at what benefits employees want the most and how employee benefits can impact an organisations ability to attract and retain talent.
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Harvard Business Review podcast looking at GDPR issues for HR  . click here for article

Volker Jacobs looks at the importance of the 'Employee Experience'. click here for article

The relationship between engagement at work and organisational outcomes
2012 Gallop report looking at the importance of employee engagement and its impact on organisational outcomes.
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Developing a meaningful employer brand
A whitepaper from Alexander Mann looking at how organisations can use brand management to attract and retain talent.
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Exploring the relationship between HRM practices and organisational performance.
A Human Resources Management review looking at what impact HRM has on an organisations performance.
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CIPD - People and Machines
A report from CIPD considering how AI and automation have actually affected jobs and organisations over recent years.
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Leathwaite - 2019 Global HR Leadership survey
HR specialists Leathwaite polled in excess of 1,000 global Human Resources (HR) executives currently operating in HR leadership roles within Financial Services. This report looks at the results and discusses the trends identified.
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Global talent trends for 2019
Mercer's Global Talent study examines differences among organisations and identifies four key trends for 2019.
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Using HR strategically to drive business performance
A McKinsey report looking at how one leading Healthcare organisation performance was improved when HR was embraced strategically.
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